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All Kew Forest Plumbing & Heating services are backed by 82 years experience.

Expert NYC Radiant Heating Services

  • Even Heating Throughout Your Space
  • Budget-Friendly Operating Costs
  • Can Be Used With a Variety of Flooring Materials
  • Conserve Energy
  • Cleaner Air Without Allergens from Forced Air Systems
  • Made in the USA
  • LEED Points
  • Expert Installation

Green Energy Technology Experts | Knowledgeable high-efficiency, green energy experts are not easy to find. At Kew Forest Plumbing, our professionals are continually educated on the most cutting-edge green energy technology available so that we are able to offer up to 98% efficient green energy systems.

24/7 Emergency Service | No matter the time or the day a plumbing disaster strikes, we will be there to help. We are on call 24/7 every day of the year, including holidays, and will arrive in minutes of your call. If you have a plumbing emergency, don't hesitate to contact us at (718) 456-0800 x17. Our rapid response units are equipped with a GPS and are NYC licensed, bonded, insured, and certified.

The Professionals' Choice |We are proudly rated A+ on the Better Business Bureau, as well as VENDEX-approved as a contractor and subcontractor to work for NYC agencies. For over eight decades, we have served Glendale, New York as choice plumbing and heating experts.

Warmboard | Warmboard radiant panels use water to efficiently heat your home from underneath your floor. Warmboard heats more evenly and effectively than other brands, making it the number one choice in radiant heat.

MrPEX Systems | MrPEX Systems is a leading North American supplier of radiant heat flooring, as well as domestic hot and cold water systems.

Uponor | Uponor PEX-a is the most trusted solution for residential and commercial plumbing and heating systems. Installed worldwide, it is also the top choice for multi-purpose plumbing and fire sprinkler systems.

Rifeng | Rifeng embraces innovation in its integrated thermoplastic piping systems. From the pipes, fittings. tools. and every accessory, Rifeng takes strides to stay ahead of the industry in quality and performance.

Radiant Heating Services

Get The Top Technology For Your Home

The professionals at Kew Forest Plumbing are experts in installing top radiant heating brands such as Warmboard, MrPEX, Rifeng, and Uponor. Modern radiant heating tubes come in a variety of multi-layer compositions and we will help you choose which radiant heating system is right for your home.

Modern Radiant Heating Solutions

Over the years, many homeowners in New York have enjoyed the benefits of radiant heating in their homes. Radiant heating is a planet-friendly, energy-efficient way to heat your home evenly and reliably. In a traditional radiant heating system, copper piping is installed inside a concrete slab under the floor and uses hot water from the furnace to heat up the concrete. The heat from the concrete then 'radiates' upward to heat the rest of the room.

Nowadays, heating experts have discovered that using poly-based tubing is even more effective than copper piping. Poly-based tubes are more resilient against freezing water and corrosion. They are also less expensive and labor-intensive to install due to their flexibility.

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